Juho Kim is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing at KAIST, and directs KIXLAB (the KAIST Interaction Lab). He is also affiliated faculty in the Kim Jaechul Graduate School of AI at KAIST. His research in human-computer interaction focuses on building interactive systems that support interaction at scale: crowdsourcing and human computation, online education and learning at scale, civic engagement and collective action, and interactive data analytics and mining. He creates interactive and collaborative technology that empowers conventionally passive populations—students receiving instruction and citizens influenced by social issues—to be active and self-directed participants who initiate deeper learning and collective action. He often takes an interdisciplinary approach to his research, by connecting computer science with learning sciences and social sciences, and aims to deploy interactive systems to real users.

He earned his Ph.D. from MIT, M.S. from Stanford University, and B.S. from Seoul National University. In 2015-2016, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor and a Brown Fellow at Stanford University. He is a recipient of KAIST’s Songam Distinguished Research Award, Grand Prize for Creative Teaching, and Excellence in Teaching Award, as well as 14 paper awards from ACM CHI, ACM CSCW, ACM Learning at Scale, ACM IUI, ACM DIS, and AAAI HCOMP.

If you're interested in working with me at KAIST, please read this page. Also, in this interview video for HCI Korea, I summarize KIXLAB's representative projects and share my thoughts on research and mentoring. English transcription is available.

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Office hours: by appointment

N1 Room 605, KAIST
291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon, Korea 34141
Tel: (+82)-042-350-3570

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  • April 24 2022 I'm looking for undergrad research interns for the summer.
  • April 24 2022 More recently accepted workhsop papers: ACL Workshop paper on children's story rewriting, CHI 2022 Workshop paper on video UI with informational units, and CHI 2022 Workshop paper on search and comparison for surgery videos.
  • April 6 2022 Our papers are recognized by one Best Paper Award and one Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2022!
  • Mar 23 2022 Our paper "RLens: A Computer-aided Visualization System for Supporting Reflection on Language Learning under Distributed Tutorship" is accepted to Learning at Scale 2022.
  • Mar 11 2022 Our paper "ReviewAid: A Scaffolded Approach to Supporting Readers’ Evaluation of Health News" is accepted to ICLS 2022.
  • Feb 25 2022 Starting today, I am spending my sabbatical year at Ringle, an edtech company focused on online language learning. I will be in the Bay Area until Feb 2023.
  • Feb 16 2022 Our paper "CatchLive: Real-time Summarization of Live Streams with Stream Content and Interaction Data" is accepted to CHI 2022 after R&R. A total of seven KIXLAB papers will be presented at CHI 2022!
  • Jan 14 2022 Our paper "Capturing Diverse and Precise Reactions to a Comment with User-Generated Labels" is accepted to TheWebConf 2022.
  • Jan 13 2022 Our research collaboration with Grinder on developing techniques for social video intneraction is featured on the media.
  • Dec 21 2021 Our paper "SoftVideo: Improving the Learning Experience of Software Tutorial Videos with Collective Interaction Data" is accepted to IUI 2022.
  • Dec 3 2021 Our paper on analyzing the distributed tutorship patterns in 1-to-1 online tutoring is accepted to LAK 2022.
  • Nov 16 2021 Six papers conditionally accepted and two under revise & resubmit at CHI 2022.
  • Oct 27 2021 I'm looking for undergrad research interns for the winter.
  • Oct 26 2021 I'm recruiting a few MS students in SoC KAIST for Spring 2022. If interested, please follow the instructions in the MS Student Selection Process.
  • Oct 8 2021 I'll be delivering my first conference keynote talk at HCOMP 2021.
  • Apr 22 2021 My research group receives a prestigious Star Lab grant from the Korean government. We'll be working on "object-oriented video interaction" for the next eight years. Press Release: SoC website | ZDNet
  • Apr 20 2021 I'm looking for undergrad research interns for the summer.
  • Apr 19 2021 Joined the Graduate School of AI at KAIST as affiliate faculty.
  • Apr 1 2021 "The MOOClet Framework: Unifying Experimentation, Dynamic Improvement, and Personalization in Online Courses" has been accepted to Learning at Scale 2021.
  • Feb 12 2021 My interview video for HCI Korea is available. English transcription available.
Academic Services
  • Subcommittee Co-Chair: CHI 2022
  • Program Committee: CHI 2018-2019 & 2021, AAAI 2021 (SPC), CSCW 2017-2019, Learning at Scale 2015-2020, TheWebConf 2022, SIGCSE 2022, HCOMP 2016 & 2020, Creativity & Cognition 2019, Collective Intelligence 2019, UIST 2017, CHI 2015 WIP
  • Demos Co-Chair: CSCW 2022
  • Late-Breaking Work Co-Chair: CHI 2021
  • Editor: UX of AI Forum, ACM Interactions Magazine. 2019-current
  • Associate Editor: IEEE TLT. 2020-current
  • Member: SIGCHI Asian Development Committee. 2019-current
  • Member: SIGCHI Nomination Committee. 2020
  • Vice President: SIGCHI Korea Chapter. 2019-current
  • Vice President: HCI Society of Korea. 2019
  • Papers Co-Chair: CSCW 2020
  • Best Papers Co-Chair: CSCW 2019
  • Social Media Co-Chair: CHI 2020
  • Publicity Co-Chair: ISS 2019
  • Best Paper Committee: CHI 2018, CSCW 2018
  • Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair: HCI Korea 2018-2019
  • Demo Co-Chair: UIST 2017-2018
  • Poster Co-Chair: UIST 2015-2016
  • Workshop Organizer: Crowdsourcing Law and Policy (CSCW 2017), Connecting Collaborative & Crowd Work with Online Education (CSCW 2015), CrowdCamp (HCOMP 2013-2014)
  • Webmaster: CHI 2015
  • Scheduling + Communitysourcing: CHI 2013-2015, CSCW 2014-2015
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